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The completely uncommon "Mature Fag", is the level above "Cool Fag" that is rarely ever attained by "cool fags" and is commonly looked upon with some kind of sick pride that these clearly mentally defective individuals rely on. A "mature fag" has by some ungodly miracle that also doubles as one of nature's much unintended accidents, much like the result of incestual sexual intercourse, somehow understood what is going on around him and how he plays into it so he has, and again against ALL POSSIBLE ODDS, learned the ways of his local area and has started to be able to trick people and get what he wants in life from people. This is an odd predicament but nothing to fear as all "mature fags" still have the same tell tale trades that their younger and much more mentally stable counterparts do. For one thing they will still act out but in a more subtle yet obvious way, such as accomplishing something in the work place and presenting his smug mug while feeling proud of himself openly. However he still has no grasp on how to treat a woman properly so he will turn into an over sized fourth grader around his significant other who is usually a much better and more deserving person than he is. Still the same thing gents just less loud.
Hey did you hear bobby? Johnny has finally reached mature fag status! He got a job and was just so smug about it! So smug!

Steffan was being such a mature fag that he decided to promptly call up his friends and brag about his new car.
by Doctor Weird D.P.A. August 20, 2011
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