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An all about sexy man.
He's a player, a villian, a hero, a contender.
He's the kind of guy that can face an incredible challenge and be the first to give a solution.
He's a man of honor, that knows NO FEAR.
Everyone just has to hear, "Wuz Up Bro?!"...and his legacy lives on.
"Wuz up bro. Mattress Goldz is in the house!"
by Goldz....Mattress Goldz April 26, 2012
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If there was an Archangel for Brothers.....The Goldz would be on the top of the list.

Some people take on selfish responsibilities.....and think only for themselves. The Goldz fights for all.

Some consider him a god.....but he humbly take the title of a Saint.

There are winners and losers in this world. The selfish try and take over all that is good and just.
The Goldz will always be there to fight for the just.

Girls faint.....Ladies love him.
He's the Player.....A NOLA Native.

Evil will always try to cut corners to eventually destroy him. However.... The Goldz will find a way win. He doesn't believe in a NO Win Scenario!
"Are you a god?!" - Person Asking the Question
"No, I'm the Goldz. Mattress Goldz" - Mattress Goldz

"Is it just me....or does fleur de lis and beignets seem sexy?" - Lady
"You're speaking my mind woman" - Mattress Goldz
by Knight441 October 04, 2012
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