Matthew is a sexy mother fucker with an amazing 8 pack and muscles,he has already found his true love and never wants to let her go.Matthew is a charming lad with a great personality and he is easy to get lady’s attention.Matthew is unique and different.Any girl is lucky to have Matthew because he will love them till he dies.
Darn have you seen Matthew today he is looking gorgeous
by Toolhsdlz sls December 15, 2017
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Matthew is very commonly a guys name. Matthews are really adorable, very intelligent, and friendly. If you ever meet a Matthew you should hold onto him tight because there's so guy like a Matthew!
When Matthew grinned at me I almost fainted!

Boy, that Matthew sure is smart.
by swiggityswootyilovethebooty January 24, 2015
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A Jessica lover. Matthew LOVES jessica. Matthew would like to know if Jessica loves him back. I'm just a random guy. I just know that somewhere out there a jessica will read this and think about her Matthew
by bladeqwqw123 September 05, 2014
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A sexy guy that every girl wants to have sex with
I wish I could have matthew
by boiiy August 02, 2016
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A person with extreme rage issues and a very short temper .
Matthew has Rage issues!!!
by That Guy 11102 March 01, 2017
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THE AWESOMEST PERSON ALIVE from the root AWESOME in accient GODish so if u think ur awesome look at matthew.
I mean it
matthew is the awesomest EVE-A so dont think ur awesome
cuz compaired to matthew
person: "woah matthew is sooooo awesome"
matthew: "DAMN STRAIT"
by the editor of awesome December 07, 2010
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