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A section of Boston, MA plagued by drugs, violence and poverty. Locals refer to it as "the Pan".
"yo bro wanna go to the projects in Mattapan and score some heroin?"

"motherfucker are you nuts? i'm not going to the Pan at night."

"u a pussy."
by affluent geoffrey October 13, 2019
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Neighborhood of Boston. Over 80% of the population is black. 12.2% are hispanic. Less than 5% are white. 22.3% of the population lives in poverty. Referred to as "Murderpan", due to the number of murders that have occured since all the Jews moved out, and all the blacks moved in. A handful get murdered here each year. But the 1980s there was like a new one every few days. If only Boston's founders could see what this area has become, now that would be funny.
Bitch: Are we in Mattapan at this hour of the night?

Me: Roll up the windows and lock the doors. Don't look anybody in the eye! They think we're the white devil. They will cuss us out or even carjack us so lets drive fast.
by Shock G August 31, 2005
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a ghetto ass Boston area with some ill ass shops
i went to Hip Zepi in Mattapan Square yesterdai
by akademiks July 03, 2005
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