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The funniest man you will ever see perform...IN SUNGLASSES. He plays not one, but TWO instruments. Hell, what's one worth if you're not playing the other at the same time?...while eating pie, juggling guitar picks, and doing other desperate attempts to get the audience to like you. Never takes off his leather jacket. Also a synonym for cuntcork.
Steve: (to Jim) Do you like jazz music?

Jim: No. That's for gays.

Steve: (To Tom) Do you like jazz music?

Tom: Do I look like a French Polynesian to you?

Steve: (To Charlie) Do YOU like jazz music?

Charlie:'s alright...if I were a QUEER.

Steve: (To the class) Does ANYONE like jazz music?

Matt Katz:(And no one else) I do.

Steve: (To the class) Anyone at all?

Matt Katz: Yea I do!

Steve: (To the class) So NO ONE likes jazz music?

Matt Katz: What do I look like to you?

Steve: (To Matt) A gay. Ok, so no one likes jazz music. Case closed.
by Michael Romero February 09, 2008
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