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To inadvertently reply to the entire HRWhoa! open list when the message
was intended only for the sender of a previous HRWhoa! post.

Origin: May 2005; ME *pullen* (v.), OE *pullian* to pluck, pluck the feathers of, pull, tug; cf. MLG *p=FBlen* to strip off husks, pick, ON *p=FBla*to work hard+ "Matt Kan" - eponym of Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra violinist who replied to the entire list continually to ask about senior sales
Fuck! I just pulled a Matt Kan and now everyone knows I wanted Anicia's Jar
Jar Binks poster!

I really hope I didn't pull a Matt Kan when I declared my undying love and gushing sexual attraction to Jimbo's sideburns...

Adam, I'd love to go to the Pformal with you :-*.
by HRWhoa! August 14, 2008
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