The act of pleasuring yourself. Self-sex, its like training for actual sex.Jacking off.

For a man stroking, rubbing, or even slapping the erect penis, for a women, rubbing the vagina with the two front fingers, or even lodging a penis shaped item such as a dildo in it.

There are terms such as;

Buff the Bananna
Spank the Frank
Stroke the one-eyed snake
beat the meat
Hold your sausage hostage
choke the chicken
Rub the Robin
Box the cock
Invade your pants with a five fingered army
Crank the Shank
Crown the King
Fondle the Fig
Jerk the Gerk
Tug the Tiger
Hand to Gland Combat.

As for women;

Vagina Dj
Taco Handshake
Play the Clitar
shuck the oyster
pressing the escape button
Tapping the keg
cleaning your fingers
the two finger tengo
I just love the art of masturbation, it feels amzaing!
by The KockKing May 03, 2011
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the act of pleasing thy self with sexual alone time by forcing massive ejaculation.
Mike performed masturbation on his bed conforter & it left a stain(the stain is still there,true story.)
by Mike_Coolman104 June 19, 2009
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The act of self stimulation by stroking, rubbing, or pulling your genitals. Men usually rub, sometimes women will buy dildos or finger themselves. Masturbation can result in ejaculation if the person is stimulated enough. Men/women usually perform this act when intercourse is not an option.
For people with small brains:Masturbation is touching your penis to make it feel good, or for women sticking their fingers in their vaginas.
Guy 1:Sheila is too tired to have sex, and I'm bored.
Guy 2:Why don't you try masturbation?
Guy 1:Isn't that for complete losers?
Guy 2:No dude, it's completely normal and healthy.
Guy 1:I might try it, then.
by Maximizer August 05, 2012
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The common act of one who touches oneself to produce a pleasuring feeling in the groin area which almost always ends up in ejaculation. This is accomplished with the help of some form of visual or audio stimulation or just plain imagination.
beating off; harping on the cyclops; unmasking the self serve pump; launching the meat missile; whacking the flesh flute; Masturbation;

Person 1: Dude, Sheldon masturbates 9times a day..
Me: dude.. hes gonna have alot of kids..

Person 1: Hey, what are you doing later?
Person 2: I figure I'll masturbate til I pass out.

Person 1: Dude.. Sheldon is in the hospital.
Person 2: How the ??
Person 1: Yeah, turns out he ejaculated until his actual testicles came out
Person 2: Well, I guess that's what 9 times a day got the horny bastard.
by Risown November 10, 2008
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When you have nothing else to do and are really bored:)and well you dont have the helping hand of your mate or hid dick or vag..enjoy
tom had to use a bit of his masturbation skills as his girlfriend was too pissed off at him
by lollipoppar January 17, 2010
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The act of touching yourself
Some people say masturbation is bad for you but really, it is harmless and in some ways healthy.
by Newworldchic May 30, 2013
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