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MMS is part of the RSU 57 school district, and located in York county, Southern Maine. This school is full of hillbillies, VSCO girls and boys, those "quirky" people, and just those typical annoying kids. Where's Maine you're probably wondering, it's that one state in the US that no one ever talks about or cares about. About half of the people there, are jocks who carry around bluetooth speakers only to blast shitty rap music that makes you want to gouge your eyes out. Almost every year, at least 1 person will get suspended for juuling in the bathrooms. If you ever go there or visit you might so unlucky as to run into a tribe of VSCO girls/boys who carry white hydroflasks with friendship bracelets on them, wear scrunchies and dirty white crocs religiously, and who also think saying sksksk and I oop is a national sport. Out of all the districts in York, RSU 57 is runner up in the shittiest school contest pushed off the throne by Bonny Eagle. The water there is so deliciously flavored like chlorine that after you drink it you subconsciously wonder how long it will take for it to kill you.
"You're going to Massabesic Middle School?! Stay back foul peasant" *proceeds to take out air freshener and lighter*
by one depressed bitch September 15, 2019
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