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Don't even try to pronounce it, she'll get mad at you. Other than that, she is the sweetest and kindest girl you'll ever meet so long as you get on her good side. She will fight you if you're out of line, or love you if you're on her good side. She is hella loyal and committed to her friends and boyfriend. She is amazing at art, adorable, dedicated, and is willing to put in work for an education.
I love you Maryori <3
by DesuTrevor January 06, 2019
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Her name is pronounced like Marjorie but spell differently. A very beautiful girl who loves to hang out or shop with her friends . She loves to join school clubs and loves to sing .She is popular and gorgeous and all boys are all up on her . But remains single .
Guy 1 : oh god she so hot.
Guy 2 : who ?
Guy 1 : oh that’s maryori she’s in my math class

Guy 2 : she hot I’m going to ask her out .
Guy 1 : she remains single she announced that.
by By : Alyssa Connor October 12, 2017
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