Dude, she's AMAZING!
Mary is just a chill kind of girl. She likes sports and being outdoors. She can be a bitch. She is beautiful. Great smile. She loves to make people laugh, and she is very good at it. She does not really like it when she gets complements. She is simple. She is happy. She is a badass.
Boy: Mary, you're such a badass

Mary: Dude, i know right?
by Ihleovcortfw. February 14, 2010
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An amazing girl, she is pretty and fun to be around. I would do anything to make Mary smile.
Mary is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, I can not get her out of my mind
by nicholasbot April 26, 2010
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Mary is full of life, witty, and fun...She has a biblical name which suggests one who is holy and pure, but she is actually naughty and nice, mixed into one beautiful package. She keeps you guessing and you always look forward to her presence...she is loyal, true-blue, and forever yours if you keep her mentally stimulated which sets the tone for the rest of the relationship...a definite keeper...
Mary, Mary quite contrary...sugar and spice, and everything nice...
by ChaiChi February 09, 2010
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The girl that loves people for who they are. Always looked to as a friend or someone to get help from.
Man 1:"How about that girl Mary?"

Man2: "Oh she's definitely a keeper."

Man 1: "Boy she is fine."
by JJBizzle March 25, 2010
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A Mary is someone who seems shy, quiet, and frightened at everything but when you get to know her she is really outgoing, talkative, and brave. A Mary has an amazing body and Big butt and boobs. She can be a bitch but everyone loves her. Mary is the sexiest girl inside and out. A Mary is a sexy girl and any guy would be lucky to have Mary. Mary is a sneaky girl and never gets caught. A real Mary speaks her mind and isn't afraid of anyone. Mary is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is perfect from inside out in so many ways. She has an amazing laugh, if she starts to laugh you can't stop yourself from laughing. You'll never get bored of talking to her cause she has many stories willing to say. A Mary is kind and caring.

A Mary could be slutty and will go far with you however also cheats on you eventually. the most common technique for a Mary is to get with her then get over her, but be careful not all Mary's are like that. A Mary is simply perfect.
"Aww Mary is so perfect"

"Dude, i want myself a Mary"
by jenniferrr_x June 18, 2014
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mother of jesus

also december 8 is the day mary was born with no sin
by evlove December 08, 2016
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