Very smart, but pretends to be an airhead to fit in. She is very good at helping her friends in their hour of need if they will take her seriously. She is very pretty and fun to be around. She can make anybody laugh with her wit! She acts innocent but she does bad things without getting caught. However she is easily taken advantage of due to her generous and kind nature. Just remember that Marys have feelings and problems too! A Mary needs a man to be loyal to her and gentlemanly. He doesn't need to buy her anything, just be affectionate.
Guy 1: *talks to Mary*
Guy 1: *is laughing*
Guy 1: Mary is hilarious! And I think she was flirting with me...
Guy 2: She's kinda pretty. Maybe you should ask her out?
Guy 1: sounds good!
by Rubies3 May 05, 2011
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A nice girl, and a good friend. She's always there for you in a time of need or help, even though most of the time has has much bigger problems that yours.
Wow! That was such a Mary thing to do!
by 808ninasantapintamariaohmaria January 24, 2011
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Mary is a loving and beautiful lady. she is always happy and her smile is like a million stars. She is never afraid to be bold and strong. She never lets any one put her down. She is strong and the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Her personality is unique and just as pretty as her. you are lucky if you aver meet a Mary because she will change your world and make you want to smile every time you see her. Mary is also the best friend anyone could ask for. Thankyou Mary
person1 "Damn, that girls is hot!"
person2 "ya, that's Mary. But she's to good for you so don't even try."
by LIVE_LOVE-LAUGH May 26, 2018
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Mary is the most sweet amazing cool person ever. Well she is my grandmother but idk where to start. She has a way to always make you smile, even when you don’t know how to. She is ok with anyone in her family being bi trans lesbian gay anything! Oh and she loves buying things for her grandchildren. It takes a lot to get her angry to, the only time i saw her get angry was with my brother lol. When I’m at her house and then I have to leave she is always like “can’t I keep you” or “just live with me” she loves everyone in her family. And she is great with relationships, she has been married to the same guy for years, my grandfather.
Mary: do you want everything while we are here dear?
Me: no thank you
Mary: if you insist
by ~*bitch*~ November 07, 2019
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Mary is one of the most popular names in English; often used in combinations such as Marybeth, Marylou, Mary Kathrine and of course Mary Jane.
by VeteranMary June 25, 2016
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is perfect from inside out in so many ways. She has an amazing laugh, if she starts to laugh you can't stop yourself from laughing. You'll never get bored of talking to her cause she has many stories willing to say. Mary is kind and caring, the love of my heart.
beautiful perfect love Mary Love can be for miles away, but love comes in different shapes and sizes. In my case my heart said, "I love her and she's the one."
by ~~~~Anonymous~~~~ January 23, 2014
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The most beautiful being in the world she deserves every thing she could want ever she deserves all the lovies and everything that comes wth it she has a big heart and a caring mind she always puts others before her she thinks low of herself but she’s the most beautiful thing ever and she deserves to be told that she helps anyone she can
I love Mary she’s the best woman a man could ask for
by Pr3ttyp1nkp0ny August 12, 2018
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