Mary, Chinese lady, usually runs a Chinese restaurant. Very good at shredding duck and chopping suey. Will quite happily deliver said delicacies to your front door in a little white carrier bag with some complimentary prawn crackers
by F.E.C. July 17, 2020
Very smart, but pretends to be an airhead to fit in. She is very good at helping her friends in their hour of need if they will take her seriously. She is very pretty and fun to be around. She can make anybody laugh with her wit! She acts innocent but she does bad things without getting caught. However she is easily taken advantage of due to her generous and kind nature. Just remember that Marys have feelings and problems too! A Mary needs a man to be loyal to her and gentlemanly. He doesn't need to buy her anything, just be affectionate.
Guy 1: *talks to Mary*
Guy 1: *is laughing*
Guy 1: Mary is hilarious! And I think she was flirting with me...
Guy 2: She's kinda pretty. Maybe you should ask her out?
Guy 1: sounds good!
by Rubies3 May 5, 2011
Someone pretty who thinks they're ugly. Often forgets things. Usually happy, but has a darker side. Has considered suicide and cutting. Talkative and fun to be around. Interesting conversations. Makes friends easily. Has beautiful eyes. Seems cold at first. Extremely hyper near close friends. Can tell her bff everything. Sexually inexperienced. Very smart
by Ahhhhhhhhhhhfhhhhfhhhhfhdhdhhh November 7, 2013
A girl who is the nicest and sweetest. She always cares for others even if they don't care for her. She's the most adorable in all the world.
Guy: Dude, she gave me her lunch today. I didn't have one
Guy 2: you don't even talk to her!
Guy: I know. She's such a Mary
by GoooddsamKa December 20, 2013
A nice girl, and a good friend. She's always there for you in a time of need or help, even though most of the time has has much bigger problems that yours.
Wow! That was such a Mary thing to do!
by 808ninasantapintamariaohmaria January 24, 2011
The most beautiful girl known to mankind, her heart is pure and filled with lust, she's a very strong woman and doesn't like no for an answer. She'll charm the socks right off your feet, her kisses will leave you breathless. She only wishes for happiness and when shes set on something good luck getting her to change her mind about it.
Mary Marie Branch I love you, will you do me the honor of making me the happiest man in the world and be my girl till death do us part.
by M+D=<3 December 21, 2016
she is an amazing person. also not to mention a soothsayer. she has great advice and always knows whats best for you even when you don't. she is gorgeous, especially in her eyes. sometimes you don't think you don't deserve her and are so lucky to even know her. even thought she makes fun of you all the time she is still a great friend. she is also very confident with everything she does. she cares for everything. she is artistic, funny,cute and lots of other things. she is very intelligent and doesn't hide anything. she has her cute and adorable sides and has serious sides too.
she is such a Mary (huehuehue)
by Kitten4years July 18, 2018