A sweet old rich bitch I would like to screw and get money from.
I had sex with Martha Stewart and now I have access to the petty cash.
oh those poor liberals...quick gas-station boy,hand over your paycheck to help save Martha,Bill Gates and Phil Knight
Girl giving you a blowjob while making you a sandwich.
Hey yo man, this girl gave me a terrific Martha Stewart the other day.

Just got the greatest Martha Stewart from her.

Dude I just want a Martha Stewart!
by Token and Pledge February 10, 2009
A Jail wife/bitch that will keep the cell smelling spring-time fresh as well as looking warm and inviting.
By adding a simple wood veneer lampshade to the caged light, Martha was able to warmth and color to the cold gray concrete cell.
by andy March 18, 2004
A defication session so violent that it splatters the bowl in a decorative fashion.
As used in a sentence:

Do you have toilet brush, I just took a Martha Stewart in your bathroom.
by BigBad2374 January 21, 2005
the unpleasant odor characterized by cleaning product scents that attempt to cover up the original unpleasant smell; the air freshener or cleaning product that, instead of fixing the odor, makes it an even more repulsive smell.
Damn, you should've just left your bedroom smelling like sex. That Febreeze just made it smell like Martha Stewart's Vagina up in here!
by Justin R Wilson August 25, 2006
When you try to stay in Jail in Monopoly to make money and win the game
I'm gonna Martha Stewart that shit!
by NidgeDFX July 20, 2015