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Mars Hill College - A private college located in the blue ridge mountains of North Carolina. The small baptist college either brings in A) Athletes B) Weird baptists or C) Even weirder townies. The best parties at the college are found at the house of any athlete (lacrosse, baseball, or cross-country). The college is about 20 miles from the crunchy liberal town of Asheville where flocks of Mars Hill students can be found either boozing at bars or dancing to music at the Orange Peel.
The Cross-Country team consistently wins conference titles, and the women's soccer team is consistently the greatest, and best looking "sorority" on campus. Student's at Mars Hill should never plan on having too much fun, or an inbred cop just may write you a citation for a law you never even realized you could break.

baptists athletes cross country college women's soccer soccer
"Mars Hill College is a fun place to go, but we better not walk outside with a beer can or that cop will get us!"

by Someone normal July 24, 2008
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