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A Drama infested rathole town located in Monmouth county where 95% of the people and kids are 2 faced backstabbing snobs and enjoy starting drama. 75% of the population is jewish 15% are italian that think they are better than everyone, and the other 10% are misc. cultures. the town is seriously messed up with the crowd of kids that are present ranging from the random druggie and punk kid to the party all day no successful future "popular kid". The school system is absolutely ludicrous and is an absolute laughing stock for the amount of money spent in taxes in this scum ridden town. most of the people are down right jackasses who treat each other and act like a bunch of animals. rt. 79 seems to be the divider between high society and working/middle class (with the exception of the piss hole development across from the newer middle school which is also working/middle class) however most people have no class and are jerks regardless of the side of rt. 79 that they live on. as a kid in this town, if you want to be successful in life and take life, education and similar values seriously you are un popular and uncool. if you are a borderline alcoholic by the time you are in the 10th grade & smoke weed and chew tobacco well then congratulations, you are popular. In a nutshell this town is filled with two faced dirtbag people who have no regard for others. it is a disgrace between the amount of drugs that circulates between the town's kids and the amount of taxes that people pay.
John: Hey Bob how have you been

Bob: alright how about yourself?

John: i'm good. I haven't seen you in a while

Bob: well i moved to Marlboro, nj

John's thought: well that figures, he always was a 2 faced dirtbag. and come to think of it, so were his kids
by MarlboroSucks January 20, 2012
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a town in Monmouth County where everybody is conceited, wealthy brats. 90% of the people there a spoiled rich bitches who think mommy and daddy can support them forever and they don't have to work at all. the other 10% of people there are actually normal, down-to-earth people who will actually do well in life and have friends that are actually real, and not fake like the rest of this terrible town.

Some people are wannabe whores and village bicycles.
Oh my god. She is such a rich bitch, she has got to be from Marlboro, NJ
by singingchef December 26, 2010
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A bunch of assholes in a small town, everyones addicted to blues and doesn't give a fuck about where they end out in life. A bunch of unmotivated asshole guidos and bitchy girls who judge people by designer clothes and what car they drive. Scum Central? Don't go here you'll regret it.
Dude: Yo man i heard marlboro, nj sucks.

Dude #2: True, i heard that too

Dude #3: Me too man

Marlboro Guido: Yo bitch you owe me 35 dollars, i need some more hair gel and blues.
by GuidoGenocide July 24, 2009
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a town in monmouth county where all the girls are two faced whores. they spend their weekends getting drunk with their asshole boyfriends. in marlboro everything is rich rich rich. the girls are all snotty bitches and you can't trust anyone. they depend on their coach and everything of that sort to be "popular" . worst town alive.
guy 1:" hey lets go to a party in marlboro, nj"
guy 2:"yeah dude and maybe we could pick up a couple of those marlboro whores"
by marlboroishorrible September 19, 2010
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A town in New Jersey that is referred to as any of the following: Jew City, Scum Central, The Pisshole, etc. The lovely kids in this town are wanna-be rich assholes, while 90% of them live in shacks that their liberal scumbag nobody parents can't even afford. Everyone is judged based on the house they live in and the car they drive, even though the kids that drive 1995 Kias are assholes to the kids that drive 2011 Mercedes. Everyone thinks that they are hot shit, including the low-class whores that make the normal girls feel like shit on a daily basis. Living in Marlboro, NJ is similar to living in places such as Hell or any similar places that suck. The amount of Jews in this Fucking town is just god damn mind blowing. there is a higher ratio of Jews in this town than in Israel. I would NOT recommend moving or even visiting because you will regret it! Overall, the quality of life in Marlboro just sucks. To sum it all up, everyone in the town are lowlife, low-class scumbags.
Person 1: You low-class piece of shit, you belong in Marlboro, NJ.

Person 2: Hey, how did you know I wanted to move there.

Person 1: Lucky guess, you whore.
by Marlboro Sucks June 03, 2011
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I live here, so some of you stupid people don't know what you're talking about. We have moderate temperatures and have pretty nice houses. There are a couple of of streets like School Road East. The school district is really good. Great, smart teachers. There really is NOTHING to do!!!!!! Just going to the Freehold Raceway Mall to shop, go to the new dog park, go to the parks, the recreation center, or the library. We have a small plaza with an awesome pizza parlor and a great dim sum place called. We have a senior Living Center, for Senior Citizens to live in when they are older. There are Girl Scouts that are in town. A couple of ttroops, not many. We have many different cultures here. From Chinese to Albainian. We have many religons too. From Christian to Muslim. We are very different. Most people DO come from Brooklyn or New York, They still comute like regular people. Like you. And the girls don't wear fancy or designer stuff. I mean, some girls wear Juicy, but that's as fance or designer as we get in Marlboro. Agree with number 6, the ONLY good defintion of Marlboro. So, shut your stupid, suckish, pig mouths and forget what everyone else says, Marlboro, NJ is a GREAT town!
Guy 1: "Hey, I'm new in Marlboro,NJ. Where's a good place to get some great food here?"
Guy 2: Oh, well there's Crown Palace on Main Street, or Romeo's or Bagel Talk for breakfast.
Guy 1: Oh, thanks. Is there a place for my dog to play off leash in town?
Guy 2: Yeah, it's right near the library, in front of the rec center.
Guy 1: Thanks again. But would you also know where a soccor feild or a park is?
Guy 2: Yeah, there are a bunch everywhere. Near the rec center, or at the schools.

Guy 1: Do you guys have a good school system?
Guy 2: Yep, the schools even have anti-bullying seminars for the children. So, the school would be bully-free!
Guy 1: Okay, thank you so much.
by symbarayluv April 08, 2012
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Okay, I'm pretty sure none of you guys with the other definitions live in marlboro, nj. I actually live here and some of the shit you guys say isn't true. Number one, we are all not addicted to blues and do drugs. You can find a group of kids that may smoke weed, but not that much. Also, we don't live off of designer clothing. We all wear normal clothes and you don't get judged for what you wear or what car you drive. Also, not that many people are fake. You may find a couple of people who are fake, but you can get good friends here. Yeah there is a good amount of people who are fake, but you can find good friends around here. Last, the town isn't really bad. It is just kind of boring and nowhere to really hang out, besides wawa, freehold raceway mall, the many dunkin donuts around town, and the rec center. Also, you can't really walk around here. But overall it's not such a bad town.
Man #1: Hey I wanna move to a good town with a good school system in NJ, where should I go?

Man #2: Marlboro, NJ. It has a really good school system and it is a safe town.
by smdhh997 November 25, 2011
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