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Marko Tomšič is basically a GOD himself. He's appeared as a human but don't let that trick you. There are some rumors that he can make a whole rocket with only 2 wires. Some say he can see the future. But what we need to know is that nothing of this really matters because he can do ANYTHING. If you see him just avoid him because he'll make your life miserable. Some may ask
"Why would that be, if hes a god why should you avoid it?". Well there's a legend that when he was a young god and he was able to do only little things(like teleporting, moving stuff with his mind, jump inside of your mind and fucks with it,...) something terrible happened to him. The legends says that when he was doing his normal stuff(saving the world), there was a storm and he was struck by three lightnings at once. And because he wasn't that strong yet the lightnings damaged his brain BUT in a good way...He became much stronger so he became obsessed with control and power. But because he can't use his godly powers to harm people(that's not quite true for him because hes so good and he doesn't care for shit like people, so he can use it to harm people but just partly), hes now a professional detective on high school (a.k.a. hell on earth) and teaches new laws of fizzics and electricity.
If you don't believe in god, you've never met Marko Tomšič.
With great Marko Tomšič powers, comes great responsibilities.
by alex7777 March 29, 2017
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