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(N.) a boy who love an other boy. Mad in Love that he would die for him. He can't help but want to see the boy happy even though it kills him in side to see he is happy with some one els. His Heart belong to the boy and his mind is full of the boy. His soul was made for the boy and longs for the boy's soul to be to gather, his soul will keep falling for the boy's soul past eternal time. Through his life he will try to express his love in its entirety to the boy. RAWΠ―! <3
That boy is Markle Sparkle with Jordan!!! <3
by Mirf002 January 02, 2011
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Pulling a markle
:hitting on a girl that is way to young and, or very very dirty.
Pulling a markle requires 2 thinggs

she has to be female.

and she has to be an underclassman.

you will also have to be a halfsies alcoholic who is a hookah fiend and will have a wife who is wayyyyy to young for you
Calvin: dude i cant beleive u pulled a markle Sparkle

ian:i know dude.... sorry.

Calvin: Say hello to megans law.
by DrOPpiNxBoDIeZ May 04, 2009
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