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Boys who attend, or who have come from, a Marist school.

As if superior to all around them, they grace our earth with such elegance and sophistication; one would be forgiven in confusing them with saintly figures.

The general consensus is that they are truly better than everyone else.

Favourite sayings include:

"Nobody likes a Shore Boy*"

"Sub Tuum"



Many quiver in the mighty shadow cast by their greatness- 'view boys cannot comprehend how and why such greatness manifests such beings. It all goes back to being a Marist Boy; they're just so goddam great.
wow, there goes a Marist Boy of 2004, I wonder if an autograph would be too much to ask?
by spindleshanx September 21, 2004
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A young man attending the Marist School in Atlanta. Usually a boy who is so full of himself from his Buckhead upbringing that he forgets how his school is the most inferior of the Atlanta Big Four. He tries to be cool, but in reality is just a poser of the much cooler Woodward or Westminster boy. After coming to this important realization, a Marist boy will curse his parents for not sending him to Woodward and then try to forget all the "good times" he thought he had living his life of ignorance.
Ew, you're dating a Marist boy? I don't think I can be friends with you anymore, I could have sworn you were raised better than that.
by takethatson April 29, 2005
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