The biggest pimp magnet to ever fucking exist. She gets ALL of the pimps. Don't get sucked into her magnetic force.
Random: is that Marina Sklar? Random: run
by laurenxo4372 September 28, 2021
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an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, and musician from america who loves drawing, rain, and winter. an angel marina is short, stylish, and guarded, and loves to make bad puns. you can usually find one on the nearest phone or computer, updating her hate account for her cat.
"hold on to that one, she's such an angel marina"
"she's almost as beautiful as an angel marina"
by youcantseebutimmakingaface September 15, 2021
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A Dubai Girl that’s lives in the Dubai Marina
Look at that girl Rachael. She’s a Dubai girl.
Wait she lives in the marina so she’s a Dubai marina girl
by Non Dubai Guy July 23, 2021
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best person ever i love her she is so fucking hot and i hate her best friend vanesa because she fucked ariana's boyfriend bye, also she has a nice ass
hey do you know ariana marina?
yes she's amazing! i hate vanesa!
by Leoxnaa August 31, 2021
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When an artist releases an album after a long hiatus and it it turns out to be shit
I heard Melanie Martinez is finally releasing a new album after her hiatus! I hope she doesn’t pull a marina...
by whendalalahits July 09, 2019
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everytime a young woman posts unorthodox or strange content online people develop some kind of hero complex and try to save them.
A: Have you seen this YouTube account? this girl looks really strange and uncomfortable, maybe something is going on!
B: No, that’s just the Marina Joyce effect...
by loolooxcx January 30, 2020
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