An Eros Massage that you can get by Marina, or any Bae.
Hey Frank, did you get a Marina Bodyrub ?
Yes, I did. It was 2 -4 hundred dollars, but worthy of promoting.
by Patientfaithfulnoworries August 12, 2021
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Possessor of a beyond-goliath ding dong.
Wowzers trousers! Look at that marinas and his absolute pecker!
by BahookieBuckaroo January 29, 2021
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-The Thrid oldest sea port in South Carolina. It's history dating all the way back to colonial times when a one Dylanian Dickersonian had a war ship that he stole from the British and established a Marina in the surrounding Georgetown Area. This Marina was later used during the Revolutionary war as a port for the shipping and recieving of goods that were marked illegal by the British Forces. Messages were passed between captains at the Marina through songs sung by a band during that time known as "Old Canoe". They were known as that simply because they often rode around in an old indian canoe and sang the secret cryptic messages of the traders. Songs like "Wayfarer Blues" and "Settle Down". According to records, the bands members include the infamous Dylanian Dickersonian, Marcouis Cotaminaus, who was known for his insane skill on the "drums", and the other member of the band, Jeremiah Coleminari, who was known during the time for his skills on an insturment known as the "guitar".
"Lets go someplace historical, with a good history like "Georgetown Landing Marina" "
by Rickey Nathan March 08, 2009
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Marina Del Rey is a seaside community, founded by Marina Diamandis, also known as Marina and the Diamonds, and Lana Del Rey when those two godesses descended from heaven. That's where the name comes from. It's also known as heaven itself, so says founder Lana Del Rey in her song Video Games: "Heaven is a place on earth with you." With "you", she refers to her partner Marina. Another proof for their liaison and their divineness was given on February 21th, 2017 when Lana tweeted the word "Angel" to Marina.
"Do you think I will go to heaven?""Yes, I believe you will be sent to Marina Del Rey."
by elizasfrot March 03, 2017
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everytime a young woman posts unorthodox or strange content online people develop some kind of hero complex and try to save them.
A: Have you seen this YouTube account? this girl looks really strange and uncomfortable, maybe something is going on!
B: No, that’s just the Marina Joyce effect...
by loolooxcx January 30, 2020
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