The biggest pimp magnet to ever fucking exist. She gets ALL of the pimps. Don't get sucked into her magnetic force.
Random: is that Marina Sklar? Random: run
by laurenxo4372 September 28, 2021
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One who finds the contents of someone else's ability to look like Marina Diamandis, above and beyond any other characteristics.
Wow FROOT is dope yo, i think i might be Marina Diamandisexual
by Marina Diamandisexual August 04, 2017
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Marina Del Rey means "Harbor of the King" in Spanish. Located off of San Pedro Bay, Marina del Rey is right in the middle of Los Angeles’ West Side and sandwiched in-between Santa Monica Pier and Los Angeles.
Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Marina Del Rey. I won't be back until the end of August. I'll miss you guys...

by Take care, y'all. May 25, 2013
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marina bitch is what you call your best friend. She will make you laught and is two sided. She’ll probably be baking cookies at 2:00am and make real dirty jokes. She loves the winter and says she’s fat as fuck when’s she’s not.
Friend:MARINA! Bitch I want some of thooose!

Marina bitch:Ok but if I eat one I’ll get diabetes

Friend: ... u skinny af

Marina Bitch: *is shoving cookies in her mouth*
by -heyimnormajk February 06, 2018
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Marina Rogers is a teacher who gets cursed out by her students and gets told to go “suck a dick” once in a while. Marina is a annoying ass bitch who’s skinny asf and needs to drink some milk and eat chicken. Literally fuck that bitch.
“Omg have you heard of Marina Rogers??i’ll slap tf out of her”

Fuck a bitch named Marina”
by bigbanktakelilbank October 21, 2019
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...a wonderful massage by Marina or Bae.
The perfect stress reliever. I wish I could pay for a lifetime service; and cut out all the other customers. Such a sweet thing to have performed. Hands on the situation and everything semens to come out right, everytime.
Hey Frank, did you take my advice and get a Marina Bodyrub ?
Yes, I did Bro., and WOW you can do as long as you like, $200, $400, etc. but she always completely covers my hard to get at areas. I definitely think it's worthy of promoting.
by Patientfaithfulnoworries August 14, 2021
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best person ever i love her she is so fucking hot and i hate her best friend vanesa because she fucked ariana's boyfriend bye, also she has a nice ass
hey do you know ariana marina?
yes she's amazing! i hate vanesa!
by Leoxnaa August 31, 2021
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