Super busty Japanese porn star. Matsushima Marina loves to be the aggressor in her films and has a much better disposition than 90% of the other JAV (Japanese Adult Video) starlets. Meaning she actually enjoys having sex and doesn't sound like she's being tortured.
Look at the rack on Matsushima Marina! I bet she gives a titfuck that would make a dead man cum!
by CaptainMarvel August 26, 2006
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A boat that rarely leaves her slip or dock.
That marina queen isn't too hard on her sails but the batteries sure take a beating.
by DelosianDude July 24, 2018
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upon the first sip of an alcoholic beverage one is overcome with an extremely red burning face, hot to the touch and uncontrollable laughter. One stricken with marina fever take on the characteristics of a llama, spitting things such as crushed ice. If you are seeking to improve your self esteem, simply talk to someone overcum by marina fever, as they laugh at anything and everything you say, making you believe that you are humorous, when really, you're not. at all. Symptoms also include going into dark rooms with naked strangers and a craving for chipotle.
Pat: Did you see that girl spitting chipotle and crushed ice all over my mommy's carpet?!
Emily: She clearly has marina fever.
by melainalikesthirstythursday November 05, 2010
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greatest girl that ever lived!!! smart, athletic, beautiful, and knows who she truly is in love with..... can also be known as great psychiatrist! and also LOVES people named GEORGE!
Your such a marina soliman!
by Docsh June 12, 2009
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that marina girl? oh yah she’s fucking ugly and so annoying
by luvmeshrek September 30, 2019
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