Marina is the best person in the world. Though she may seem quiet and insuficent in the scheme of things going on within the classroom, she comes with the most tea and rumors held from the very depths hell itself. She will probably scream at you if you dare offend anyone from the emo quartet but other than that she's silent most of the time.
Hey how is Marina?

Oh she's dead...
by Bamboozled_bamboozler July 24, 2019
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A fat bitch whore that was beaten with multiple ugly, fat sticks. She likes to suck dick for a small fee. She also steals your man by telling him lies. Stay away from Marinas. They're cunt-bags. They have multiple vagina-dick diseases. They think they have big asses and are the skinniest people in the world but they're fat and have mushy asses. They go 'low'. They have pug faces and small boobs. People only like them because they will do anything, ANYTHING. They particularly like little white and mexican boys by the names of Luke and Fabricio.
Fabricio; Dayum, i got some marina last night.
Luke; uh, really? ME TOOOOO!
Fabricio; Shiiiiiiiiit. Now we both have genital warts.
Luke; FUUUCKKK Aisha's gon' kill me now.
by Biiiiiiiiiiitch. May 28, 2011
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A crazy ass bitch who will betray you, stab you in the back, only cares about herself, ugly as fuck, fat as fuuuuuuck,horrible sense of mood, if you got a marina by your side be careful, btw she doesn’t give a fuck about others. Loves to eat without stopping and a girl who send nudes just for fun.
A random guy: Marina are you ok

Marina: fuck you but if you wanna fuck eat me daddy
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by The real one /2307/ November 07, 2018
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a dumb bitch. don't tell your personal secrets to her because she WILL tell her friends. an absolute snake. will do anything to get what she wants. acts innocent even if it's obvious she's not. super two faced and obsessed with drama and spreads rumors every second of the day. Has drama with you? No balls will make up some out of this world rumor about you to be more liked by everyone. Backstabber. if you meet her, don't bother becoming her friend.
person: have you heard the rumors Marina is spreading?
other person: yeah she's such a dumb bitch
by I expose fake people December 13, 2018
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that marina girl? oh yah she’s fucking ugly and so annoying
by luvmeshrek September 30, 2019
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