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A girl that is the most beautiful girl ever. She is defined as one with curly hair, and incredibly talented academically and musically. It is very easy to fall in love with her, beware. She is characterized as funny, smart, and beautiful. So far there is only one known in existence, and always will. Do not let her get on your bad side; it will not end well, based on observations. Studies show that she is able to blend into crowds easily to those who do not know her but stick out very much for those who like her.
Friend1: Woah! She sticks out in crowds. It's too easy to see her.
Friend2: Well, that must be a Marin. I can't see her too well. Eye doctor?
by anasplatyrhynchos March 20, 2013
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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The most beautiful girl alive. The girl I'm in love with, and always will be. Marin is amazing and completely and utterly gorgeous. Guaranteed to take your breath away. I love Marin, she is my world.
When I saw Marin, the breath was knocked out of me.
by mee (: August 14, 2008
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The Northern California county starting on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Known for its natural beauty, wealthy and famous residents.
We're driving to Marin this weekend.
by Kangarooos March 15, 2010
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name used in croatia and romania.
in romanian it means of the sea.
can be for female or male but mainly male when it comes to croatian and romanian.
Hi my name is Marin, i was born in Croatia.
by Marin ;-) February 16, 2010
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The guy who always gets the most pussy. He is so good at getting pussy that he might even steal your girl. Legend says that he once fucked 2000 girls in 1 hr. The witnesses say that it was the most unbelievable shit they have ever seen. Marin is also tall, incredibly muscular, and has an iq of 160. "Marin" is the total opposite of "Roko"
Person 1: That guy fucked my wife

Person 2: It must be a Marin
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by ZločestaSarmica69 February 12, 2018
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v. To intentionally waste something for the sake of convenience. Exclusively done by young adults from Marin County, California, who squandered so much of their parents' money while growing up that it's lost most of its meaning. Marin is most often used in the phrase, "Just Marin it."
Example 1
Alex: "Dude, I called you seeing if you wanted to get In-N-Out, but I just ordered a few minutes ago."
Sam: "So? Just Marin your Double-Double and order another when I get there."

Example 2
"I ordered a digital version of Diablo 3 from Blizzard's website but my school's firewall won't let me download it because the file is too big. I think I'll just Marin it and buy another copy at Best Buy."
by Thizzcobar May 23, 2012
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