1.) the most beautiful woman of the 20th century
2.) actress, model, singer
3.) was famous for her beauty, glamour, and was treated like a joke on her acting.
4.) rough childhood, miscarriages, failed marriages and never knew her father
5.) a legend that will remain a symbol for beauty for many ages to come.
6.) was murdered in the form of drugs by either JFK or the mafia because she wanted to become first lady.
7.) lived for only 36 short years
8.) no one will ever come close to marilyn.
Anna Nicole: Look at me! im marilyn monroe!
Paris Hilton: NO BITCH I AM!!!

Madonna: I dont think so im "hung up" on marilyn monroe
Brittany Spears: I shaved my head!!
by NikkiSixxChick94 June 22, 2010
Born Norma Jean Mortenson in the charity ward. Her mother was put into an asylem when she was young and she was left to live in foster homes and orphanages. She first became a model and then went on to become the biggest actress ever. She suffered from phycological problems. Cause of death unkown.
see Some Like it Hot, The Misfits, or Gentleman Prefer Blondes
by Emmi March 6, 2005
A very memorbale actress from the 1950's, born on June 1st 1926, born Norma Jeane Mortensen. Marilyn never knew her father and her mother Gladys was sent to an asylum when Marilyn was very young, she was sent from foster home to orphanage countless times. Marilyn married 3 times in her short but sweet life, she was married to her childhood sweatheart, baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and great playwright Arthur Miller. The marriages were short lived but symbolized love for Marilyn. Marilyn died August 5th 1962 of suspected overdose, some believe it was murder. Marilyn was one of the best actresses the world has ever seen and had a sensational voice.
Marilyn Monroe was in the movie Some like it hot with Tony curtis & Jack Lemmon she sang various songs thorughout it
Marilyn Monroeing is when you use a leaf blower to blow air up a lady’s skirt, or a Scottish/Irish man’s Kilt (if that's what you're into), making them look like Marilyn Monroe in the famous scene from "The Seven Year Itch". The context in which you do this will affect the outcome, for example if you do it to a lady who you half know, in front of your friends, you'll see some bum and everyone will think you're a legend. But if you do it at work to a stranger, you'll end up losing your job, getting kicked in the testicles, getting a black eye and in court charged with sexual harassment.
Come to my party tonight boys, Bring some bitchez, I've got my Leaf blower out and I'm gonna be Marilyn Monroeing ALLLLL NIGHT!
by Badideaman September 23, 2013
If you go to Castroville Calif(and i can not imagine why you would) you will discover that Marilyn Monroe was the very first artichoke festival queen. She went on to eclipse the universe and to be an immortal icon.
About the only reason to go to Castroville it to experience what it would have been to be there when Marilyn Monroe was there..
by DaynaS February 15, 2008
when your woman is on her rag and you thumb her pussy then wipe it across her lips
mary wasnt wearing lipstick last night.. so i gave a marilyn monroe
by liveslowdieold July 14, 2008