Beautiful. funnny, sponkie, hot, great kisser, goregous eyes, playful, amazing, sporty yet girlie, great boobs, small butt, flirty, perfect girl, fit body, great laugh, lushious lips, fits perfectly in anyones arms. So hot that guys get hard looking at her. her touch makes you melt. When with a guy is loyal, when single, flirts around with the hotties

sometimes a lil bitchy but is true to all friends if you know a Mariah, dont let her walk out of your life find a way to keep her in your life
Dude 1: whos that Goregous hot new chick in our class
Dude 2: dude thats Mariah

dude 3: Omg shes perfect look at her shes the PERFECT PACKAGE
by lilmisscheer<3 July 13, 2009
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a very honest girl who is a very good friend. she never talks bad about you and she is beautiful. she can be pretty crazy at times but everyone is secretly liking her. she is really good at making out and gives guys the best plesure. girls are jealous because everyone likes her and wants to be with her.

she isnt a player she likes one boy at a time. and if you are that guy you are hella lucky.
wow that girl is sooo like a mariah.
she reminds me of mariah!
by draker69 February 24, 2009
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a nice kind sweet girl that is clumsy and may be a bitch and can be a bitch if u make her ticked off gets bored and loves to text and socialize. she loves t have fun and chill with hr friends and have a blast she is up to anything... she may be weird but she has n awesome personality....
look at that girl she is such a mariah, i wanna get to knoe her
by holly ambercomby and fitch February 06, 2010
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A Mariah is usually a quite girl who just tries to do her work. Mariahs are usually nice and tend to have annoying guys try to date them due to there moderate looks. But if you get on the bad side of a Mariah then your in trouble. It usually means bad luck for the rest a the year, or more sometimes. Mariahs have gypsy powers that they hide but unleash on the unlucky and unwanted.
Mariah is such a good employee, she always gets her work done.
Mariah is pretty good looking, no wonder all the weird guys go after her.
You should've never messed with a Mariah. She's gonna demolish you man.
by JJC & Micky May 13, 2008
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Mariah she may be mean at some points but she is really really nice and if she in love with you omg you is going to need her but she may fuck up at some points in her life but she always has a smile on her face she a nice sweet cute girl shy at some point but doesn't show it she cute and amazing but she doesn't see it and if you lose Mariah you want to get her back because Mariah is amazing
Wow look at Mariah she looks cute today

"Yeah I know I want to date her badly"
*i hear she has a crush on you your lucky*
by Smileymariah January 07, 2017
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She's self conscious and doesn't see herself the way you do, you could tell her that she is so gorgeous she might as well be art but she'll deny it and compliment you instead. She's an amazing writer, and is awesome at drawing she loves every one, but when in a relationship with her she is very posesive . But she'll love you with every fiber in her being.
I love you Mariah. And I'm so glad you're mine.
by Bubble-gum- bitch December 06, 2016
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Mariah is the hottest girl with a great personality. She will do anything to protect her friends. When you have her on her good side she is nice and loveable but when she's on her badside things get worse. Mariah is lovebale girlfriend.
Mariah is the sweetest girlfriend!
by LittleChiquito September 17, 2016
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