A person who is very un-lucky and he gets paired with the worst people
I feel bad for marcus, he always gets paired with a bad partner, which is why he is a marcus
by Yee Shadeslayer June 19, 2017
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Someone that stay stuntn, very well dressed with many talents, in and out of the bedroom. He has a name for himself so, everyone wants him. He love young girls. A smart, sweet, intellectual, loving and caring man. A man who takes huge dumps. If he likes you, hell pay all your bills to make sure you fall inlove with him. He crazy, he'll stalk you. He tends to tell many lies for no reason. but will make you laugh a lot, and can make you the happiest girl at sometimes. He texts you everyday and talks to you a lot. A big Cheater, and will have sex with many girls off his name. He Is Bi Polar!!! He love cars and music. One of the few people you will never forget.
Marcus got money girl you better holla at him.
by klassyp January 25, 2012
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