A popular Maoist Troll who exploits tragedy for his own gain, monetizes his own videos even though he claims to be a communist, supports the totalitarian North Korea, has made several terror blogs, and also has had his account shut down for copyright twice. He is mostly known as MRN or Maoist Rebel but is some times referred to as Meowist Rebel or Meowist Rebel Jews. His one and only argument is correlation is causation. He is described by many as a whiny child.
John: Hey have you heard of Maoist Rebel News?
James: Yes he is a whiny brat.
John: I know right?
by SaintSatan August 06, 2012
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A homophobic eunuch who has a Youtube news channel as a front for his many crimes against humanity. He is also globally famous for his stance that North Korea is a socialist paradise far exceeding the comfort and happiness of any capitalist country especially the "great big evil fascist satan, the US". Maoist Rebel is well renown for sticking it to the big corporations and never giving them anything. Also, you can find MRN on twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram, wordpress, online book stores and is associated with many other corporatio........ errrr... small businesses. Maoist rebel is from, where else, Canada, yet he for some reason refuses to visit the countries he'd like to emulate. Above all else, Maoist is a trained marxist. But you gotta respect the gall of a man who believes in an ideology where total government power is necessary only to remove ALL government and have a perfect never before existing, stateless utopian world where every person is an angel and never makes a mistake or wrongs anyone else.
Man 1: Have you ever heard of Maoist Rebel News?

Man 2: No, but he sounds like a huge faggot.

Man 1: No, no, no, that's nonsense. He hates faggots.

North Korean man 1: Have you ever heard of Maoist rebel news on the internet.

North Korean man 2: No, and neither have you stupid, we don't have access to anything that promotes individual thought.

North Korean man 1: Good point.
by MaoDidNothingWrong April 14, 2013
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A popular alternative news source on youtube featuing The Maoist Rebel, who reports on news from a marxist-leninist-maoist perspective.
We watched Maoist Rebel News to hear more news on the economic crisis that the Young Turks won't report.
by RedStar1905 October 17, 2010
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