Guy that uses women for sex and does not have a healthy respect for them or himself. He's trying to prove he's a man. A loses who lies to women about his relationship status. Worse if he's in a long term relationship. Fake wanna be porn star and pimp
Yo hank Goodwin is a real man whore
by nikkiliz April 11, 2016
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Someone who is a stupid annoying brat Who for some apparent reason has a fetish for blonde blue eyes girls
wow that manwhores only friends on snap are girls with blonde hair and blue eyes
by Emmaelora November 05, 2020
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A boy who makes out with an innocent girl then two night later gives another girl a butt massage
I heard Cole gave Hailey a butt massage two days after he made out with Shelby. He's such a man whore
by Yaboicominoffthetrack November 15, 2015
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Manwhore manhôr

noun manwhore plural noun manwhores
a prostitute.
a promiscuous man.
verb; manwhore; 3rd person present; manwhores; past tense manwhored past participle manwhored gerund or present participle manwhoring
(of a man) uses other prostitutes for sex, money, social leverage, and drugs.
use prostitutes wench
debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money.
work as a prostitute sell one's body sell oneself be on the streets
Somatic Narcissist in slang terms is a manwhore; gigalo; maleslut; brohoe; dudetramp; guyskank; ebo.
via giphy
by .: High Priestess :. November 11, 2017
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