Group of totally gay man that like to take photos with nipples out.

oh, and thay sing too.
in perfect gayness.
Bob:"Hurra! got the new cd of manowar! yay!"

John:"OMG, dude, you got a penis stuck in your anus!!"

Bob:" I know! *smiles*"
by Dicky July 01, 2005
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Some dickwads who apparently can rule what is metal and what isn't. They turn up their speakers and play their supposedly epic music, thinking that a ten on the volume is the most metal thing in the world.
ManOwaR is so metal. DId you see their speakers. It was on ten! Metal!
by Scyfersythe December 28, 2007
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a) Potugese warship

b) A kind of Jellyfish that is 100 feet long

c) used to compare to a), something that is quite powerful.

d) Metal Band
c) the man-o-war sized forces attacked Iraq
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 02, 2004
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The most disgraceful group of dickheads in Heavy Metal music, if you want to even label ManOwaR has Heavy Metal. Their stupid fans call them 'Kings Of Metal'?! How blasphemous can you get?! Just because they're loud. So what? Van Halen and Guns 'N Roses are loud, but are they 'Metal'? No, they are 'Hard Rock'. Volume does not make you more or less 'Metal' than the next band! Heavy amplifiers are just the tip of the iceberg! Eddie Trunk is a dumbass for praising them as more 'Metal' than any other band!! Their lyrics suck too, because they are cheesy and sloppy!
"The man on the T.V. said we got lotsa trouble overseas, well what the hell
do I care?" What the fuck! Below mediocre. ManOwaR really needs to be 'De-Metalized' once and for all!!
ManOwaR fan: "Hail and kill! My brothers! I want to fuck men!! I wan't to swallow swords and drink venom!! I'm gay! Hooray!!

by Fucko The Clown April 26, 2007
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A large dildo, usually seen on websites such as brutaldildos.com.

Tends to be around 20" x 5" in size.

Is what the band was named after.
Her cunt is HUGE, fuck dildos. She'll need a manowar for that shit.
by Vaginal- cream pie October 05, 2006
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A slang term for a penis. See cock, ramrod, love pistol, peckerhead, dick, johnson, wang, schlong.
The Portugese girl was thrilled at the sight of the Man o' War sailing into her port.
by Solinox June 19, 2005
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