A group of immatures on xbox with fidget spinners and sully pillow pets. Also mickey mouse hands with blood on and a papa smurf fetish.
Yo, wagwan pifting. Wanna be part of the quack mandem ennit.
by Quack mandem creator (god) March 19, 2018
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A group of immatures who play roblox and relax on yachts. They also have sully pillow pets, Mickey Mouse hands with blood on and a papa smurf fetish. They also watch memeulous because he is the on true god. They also listen to PTV because they’re emo as frick. No swearing in the mandem either.
Yo, wagwan piffting. Wanna join ma Quack mandem :3. Yh ennit g.
by Quack mandem creator (god) March 19, 2018
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When a roadman (preferably over lvl 203) says you have got some nice or “peng” shoes or “creps
You (a new roadman lvl 1 with your mandem):Oi blud!
Little T(an experienced lvl 999 roadman with his mandem):Oi wagwan Mandem youve got some peng creps fam!
You:Thanks fam i be rocking these bare timbs!
by Heccin’ good boye July 26, 2018
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A roadmap pgrase that mainley annoying 12 year olds say to “act hard
12 year old acting hard: Meet me at the chicken shop
Other 12 year old acting hard: init the mandem
by Tyeposmecunt October 21, 2019
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A broke boy who steals a blue science fair board when there are free ones
Which Broke Mandem scum took my board-Eok
by Kutuks February 22, 2019
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The chief mandem is appointed by fellow mandems in a democratic process. The process involves a series of rap battles between the mandems which is followed by a vote of confidence to determine the winner and new chief mandem.
Stormzy: he just spat bare fire in that battle, I vote for him to become chief mandem

Skepta: yeah that man spits some mean bars I vote for him

Devilman: I'm too unpredictable so man don't want to vote

JME: by the power bestowed upon me by the gods of grime, I pronounce you mandem
by Simon Keptor March 5, 2016
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