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A common nickname used for the overrated phenomenon that is known as Angelina Jolie. The term is derived from the potent, dangerous weapon she carries above her neck. It has been said that HOlie forces men to have sex with her by threatening to kill them with her massive manly jawline if they don't heed to her sexual demands. It has also been rumoured that construction workers would borrow Jolie's ridiculously masculine, square jaw on off days as a bulldozer during construction work.

Other characteristics that define ManJawlina are her crusty, anal-sphincter gumpy shrivelled lips that look like chewed up oranges, huge bulbous forehead with a protruding, pulsating vein, see through, paper-thin pasty pale skin and huge bobblehead that is way too big for her body.

Other common names are Adoptalina HoLIE(because she lies and contradicts herself all the time), Whorelina(because she sleeps around), Skankelina, MANgelina(because she looks like a man.
ManJawlina HOlie will beat an animal to a pulp...with her jawline..
by ScrappyDooKillYoo April 25, 2008
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