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A man bouquet is a term often used by less a than virtuous female when referring to the fact she has a choice of men to sleep with and/or buy her tangible objects. Some members of the bouquet may be used for both sex and profit while others may find themselves used strictly for sex or alternatively strictly for profit.
1. My love life is great, I have a man bouquet to pick from.

2. Bryan is the stud of my man bouquet, but Dave is the bank!
by idoit4civilization July 06, 2012
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A man bouquet is what you have when you are surrounded by a group of foine, well-built, well-dressed, good-smellin', Jedi-hot, dreamy, wickedly smart, witty, talented, handy, willing to please men that all want YOU.
1. Candy looked around and suddenly realized that she had a tasty Man Bouquet at her disposal.

2. This dress is gonna attract me some serious Man Bouquet tonight.
by Jezebel Vandersnatch & Brett September 02, 2009
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