A mambo losco is a person who sings an incredibly horrible song such as Demone
Mambo Losco has a demone in testa ma il meriggi vuole pensarci
by Luabel June 20, 2021
a group of people who follow trends and clichés or have a 'queen bee' they follow around.
Friend 1: Did you see that they all came in the same shirt that Hilary Duff wore last night?
Friend 2: Yeah, it's a minion mambo.
by LO.GG.3 September 2, 2011
When you mambo like you’re in Swahili but in an adult way.
Don’t be out there doing the “Swahili Mambowithout me!
by Funky Stud July 2, 2021
Dance dogs perform while trapping a cherished item in its jaws. Made famous by the great Labrador Retriever, Grogan’s Majestic Marley of Churchill, the dance is characterized by a quivering body and a side-to-side bobbing of the head.

The dance’s intent is to alert owners to the fact that a valuable item is being held captive and to entice them into an attempt at retrieval.
I was wondering where I had placed my wristwatch when I witnessed my beloved Mastiff doing the Marley Mambo
by AbnormalBoy January 18, 2006
A Microsoft employee's way of calling a homosexual a "silly goose" without sounding gay himself.
"That Joe is one mambo-bambo..."
by pfostal June 28, 2006
a black toni baby with two sharp baby teeth and a petrified bun composed of spherical hair clusters on the back of it's head
Mambo Tooth will meet me at the park & ride at 7:30 pm
by dsignature January 28, 2009
So here it is. Generation Mambo. The only generation you want to be apart of. Screw the millennials, generation Z and baby boomers. This is the generation that love to jive. If you're into boogying and woogying then this is what you are, parties and passion fruit VK's are what bring you up.

Be part of generation mambo.
will: God I love being being a 90's baby
Bex: Screw that, I am apart of the generation mambo
Will : Generation whaaaaaaaat?
Gembae: OMFG I wish i was cool enough to be one of the original mambolians!!!!
by Bex Bae January 13, 2019