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The only school in Mamaroneck. Where most of the hispanic population around attends. Every child from here is viewed as ghetto or poor (even though they're not). It is considered to be in "the hood" according to the Jewish community (also untrue). It has great education but horrible budget. It used to have an awesome playground but in 2005 it was demolished and was remade into a field of grass with a lame ugly green playground on the side. That year is also known for the 2005 Tree Battles, where all the 5th graders fought over the tree in the corner of the yard, leaving them bloody and bruised. The tree was skinned for reasons unknown and then chopped down and turned into stools for kingergateners to sit on. The cafeteria food is absolute garbage. There is nothing worse than the foul stenchy lumps of "food" that they produce. Especially their square pizzas and soggy hamburgers that soak in pools of grease and fat. The cafeteria staff is also known for handing out a side order of sass. The school is currently under the rule of the tyrants Mrs. Amon and Ms. Borsella. The school's values have changed from happiness and sunshine to despair under their rule. Go tigers (their mascot)!
Larchmont kid 1: Did you go to Mamaroneck Avenue School?
Larchmont kid 2: No, what do you think I am, poor?
Larchmont kid 1: I don't know, you look like you're from the hood.
by Munbo June 29, 2012
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