1. A mama's boy is a guy (usually no younger than a teenager) who constantly compares his female lover to his mother. Although he may have no harmful intentions, this behavior usually causes his lover to feel as though she's not near as good as his mother and will never be enough for him.

2. A mama's boy is a man who expects a (stereotypical) “mother-like figure” out of his female lover. In other words, he expects her to clean, cook, wash dishes/laundry, etc. These men are usually sexist/misogynistic, hard to please and not worth wasting time over.

3. A mama's boy is a guy (of any age) who holds a deep love and respect for his mother and has been positively influenced by her. He's very close to her and often talks about her when he's not with her. He cries when she cries, and laughs when she laughs. She's his best friend. Because of this, he generally knows how to respect women, in general. Though not all, many gay guys are mama's boys (although it has nothing to do with sexuality), and many southern boys are, as well. They're usually very tender hearted and sweet.
1: Jamie: I don't understand why my boyfriend is always comparing me to his perfect mom.
River: I bet he's a mama's boy.

2: Christianna: My boyfriend got mad at me yesterday for not washing his sweatshirt and cooking dinner.
Janell: That ain't your fault, baby. He sounds like a mama's boy, to me. If he is, he sure as hell ain't worth a minute of your time.

3: Jeremiah: My homie, Santiago, waited for his mom before he at his birthday cake.
Gabriella: Aww. Why?
Jeremiah: 'Cause he's a mama's boy.
Gabriella: Aww, he must be a sweetheart.
by BJ04 July 7, 2021
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A boy that pretends to be a man. He can't handle real life situations because he runs to his mom like a little bitch. This boy will have a stable relationship with a woman because he is still sucking on his mother s tit. Every argument, every event, hell everytime he have sex ,, his mother will no about it.! He looks for mother's consent before any decision with wife/gf. Try to make himself seem like angel in her eyes. Mama boys are man raised in single parent homes, alcoholics or spoiled brats.
Wife: I am so tired of you telling your mother our business. Handle it itself. MAN UP.!
Mama's Boy: *calls mom*
by blackass! February 24, 2015
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Someone who respects his mom, Even though he doesn't necessarily need her approval on anything does respect her advice. Shown to treat women with respect and to treat them more than just objects.
Is your new man a mama's boy?
Can't really answer that but he definitely showed me a really nice time. Chivalry is not dead.

He asked my mom for permission to take me out.
by dexsolis April 8, 2021
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1. A "man" that has jis mom buy him a house and then calls it his own.

2. A "man" that goes through his wife's text messages; finds one in which she refers to him as a "Mama's Boy" (alternative spellings exist) then calls his mom to come move him out of the house she bought him. Then he moves back in with his parent's.
Him: "Mom, please come get me. I was snooping through V*******'s phone texts and saw where she called me a Mama's Boy to one of her girlfriends. Please come move me out. PLEASE!?!?!?"

Mom: "Sure B****, your Dad and I will be right over."
by Flabberghasted Relative November 2, 2011
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1.Some loser who takes orders from his mom constantly like a little bitch.
2.Someone who should grow a dick and get laid.
Me:Yo man where u goin?
Mama's boy: I gotta go shave my mom's legs or else she gonna gimme 30 lashes.
Me: What the fuck man stop being a Mama's boy.

by mamasboi February 5, 2006
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A guy who acts tough but when alone with his mother is a real pansy ass bitch. Says mommy my head hurts come pick me up from school cause i can't make it through the day anymore. Then the mother comes and gets the bitch cause he's a pussy.
by mario... February 2, 2009
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1. A grown ass man who tells his momma every damn thing.
2.A man who cant keep a woman because his mommas jealous of his girlfriends, and acts like she his wife;the girlfriend is the other woman.
3. A man that wont take his mouth away from his mommas titty and let go!!
We cant even have a relationship, cause he's such a damn mama's boy, if i fart to loud he runs back and tell his momma;then she call here starting shit.
by Lae June 24, 2006
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