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This small towns holds a ton of fat-ass, sluty meth-heads. Worst education, and horrible service. You can't get anything helped here. And a total lack of shopping.
Wanna get high? Go to Malvern, Iowa!
by usei February 17, 2011
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Malvern, Iowa a shitty small town full of incest families. Where STDs are spread through the air. Where their educating is fake news. And where the drama is always poppin. This town is filled with drug addicts and farmers. They might be putting the food on the table but it’s Guaranteed laced with something. The town where people get hit by trains and where the fair ground is the best place to get fucked! They also have the most expensive food because they are some good town. So go on ahead. Go stop at Malvern,Iowa.
I just got fucked in Malvern,Iowa by my Cousin.
by GwoodInTheHouse! May 26, 2018
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