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A religion/ cult based around the hating and murdering of feminist as they are mentally il and need help. They were formed in 2017 in the state of Illinois. This religion/ cult is on the rise and may be ready to attack at any moment. Malthias are not really bad people at heart.
"yo dude are you a Malthias?"

"yea man"
"well i was just verbally assaulted by a feminist"
"lets go talk with he- i mean it"
Malthism is not a joke and should be taken seriously - Malthias Religion
well malthias will also stop at nothing to stop a feminist at all cost and will even kill just to get rid of or fix the feminist but what must be done must be done as easy as that. me myself? no i ma not a "Malthias" Cult follower but they have a website and everything so yeah.
by Clash Royale is gay December 03, 2018
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