Malaika is absolutely DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Her brown eyes are always sparkling , and she has the most beautiful smile in the world. People will often tell her to smile more because the presence of her is a pleasure to anyone. She can be extremely shy and may not seem to speak but is the craziest and cutest person. You never want to loose Malaika, her personality is nothing like anyone else, and hurting her is possibly the worst thing to do. Most of all , she is the Nicest person you will meet in your whole entire life. You can go to her in any situation. She will make you laugh until your sides hurt and won’t be happy until you are happy. When a Malaika smiles any boy will fall right in love with her with her adorable face and without knowing will be in love with her forever.
Malaika is beautiful

I’m in love with Malaika
by Bellastar March 4, 2019
malaika means angel in swahili and queen in some indian languages, and this is COMPLETELY true. she is the most beautiful girl in the world, she is pretty probably the nicest sweetest girl you will ever meet so freaking cute and adorable it's crazy and super funny. She is also really talented and known for her smarts and intelligence. Everyone is always jealous of her, even her friends want to be like her and every guy longs to be with her. In general, is a girl that is always happy and nice to everyone but if you get on her bad side, she will roast you to death lol.
is that Malaika over there?

yeah she is so cute right?
by lol.k.hehe June 5, 2019
Malaika is the name of a Strong Women, She is "Strong, Loving, Caring and Stubborn as hell but you would be lucky that you will have a Malaika in your life
''did you talk to Malaika today
''Bro, She was legit so Gorgeous, She was out-shopping with her Friends
by Floki-23 November 18, 2020
Malaika is s girl who is drop dead gorgeous , and possibly the nicest out of anyone. She is the type of person you do not want to loose. Extremely shy but is actually crazy when you get to know her. No lie but she is one of the funniest people you will meet. If you need anyone by your side it’s her. Any boy is lucky to have her. A Malaika will not let anyone treat her like shit, might seem like she’s too nice but don’t get on the wrong side of her.
I wish I was with malaika! amazing sexy
by Bellastar October 25, 2017
super cool girl, funny, smart & vv sexy. the best friend a girl good possibly ask for. <3<3
person a: wow do you see that girl? she looks like the best friend a girl could possibly have!
person b: yeah man, that's malaika, and you're gosh darn right:))
by squinia April 28, 2020
The most beautiful girl in the world. She is the nicest person you'll ever meet and you'll be the happiest person on earth if you got a chance to meet her.
He who's that girl over ther.... Thats my girlfriend malaika
by Michael Je'Len April 12, 2011
Malaika is a messager from the man upstairs and should therefore be given all the asians in the world.
by shishboomba January 9, 2008