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Sex organ of a Makrani male. Being of dual Negro-Sudanese & Afro-Dravidian descent, it is significantly larger than the Indo-Iranian Penis, dwarfing both the Pakistani Penis & the Iranian Penis. Thus, scientific measurements reveal that the 'Makran Black Cobra' is, by a wide margin, the largest penis in Greater Pakistan & Greater Iran:

Ethnicity (Region) _ Lngth cm (in) . Ref
Makrani (Sudan) .... 16.47 (6.48) .. a
Makrani (Zambia) ... 15.78 (6.21) .. a
Makrani (Angola) ... 15.73 (6.19) .. a
Dravidian (Andhra) . 14.00 (5.51) .. b
Pakistani (Pak.) ... 12.20 (4.80) .. a
Iranian (Iran) ..... 11.58 (4.56) .. c
Pakistani (Pak.) ... 11.43 (4.5) ... d

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Note: Statistics for Sudan & Greater Mozambique used, these being Makrani ancestral homelands.
%) The pronounced size of the Makrani penis is due to its dual Sudanese Negro & Dravidoid descent, for both parent stocks are very well-endowed. Thus, the Dravidian Penis measures among the largest in the world, while French army surgeon Jacobus Sutor writes about the Sudanese Penis:

"In no branch of the human race are the male organs more developed than in the African Negro ... The genital organ of the male is in proper proportion as regards size, to the dimensions of the female organ. In fact ... the Sudanese Negro possesses the largest genital organ of all the races of mankind.
The penis is almost as large when flabby as it is in a state of erection. It is among the Muslim Sudanese that I found the most developed phallus, & notable one of the maximum dimensions, being nearly 12 inches in length by a diameter of 2 1/4 inches. This was a terrific machine, & except for a slight difference in length, was more like the penis of a donkey than that of a man. The unfortunate Negro who possessed this 'spike' could not find a Negress large enough to receive him with pleasure, & he was an object of terror to all feminine sex." - 'Untrodden Fields of Anthropology' Jacobus X. NY: Falstaff Press, 1937, cited in: 'Race, Sex, & Myths: Images of African Amer. Men & Women' In: Human Sexuality: An Encyclopedia. ed Erwin J. Haeberle. NY: Garland Publg., 1994, & 'The Cradle of Erotica' A Edwardes. NY: Julian Press, 1963.
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