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Makaveli Branded: a clothing line released by Afeni Shakur by using Tupac Shakur's likeness, pictures, images, newspaper clippings, personal quotes, memorabilia and particularly Tupac's alias Makaveli as the primary design for the apparel.

Makaveli Branded is a Limited Liability Company head-quartered in New York City. The company started its national release on November of 2003. According to Afeni Shakur, Makaveli Branded is designed to help fund the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation and Center of the Arts while at the same time continuing Tupac's "legacy" through the "clothing line."

Makaveli Branded is uniquely designed to be undistinguishable from other urban clothing lines in its market. The supply of the product is limited due to its small distribution to Better Specialty Retail Stores.

The advantage of the product is practically using Tupac's image as its cash cow. The disadvantage of the product is the considerably large sizes, the unusual designs of the product, and market price. Some sizes are larger than expected and the designs may not be fashionably accepted by the general public. Furthermore, the price is not marketed to middle-middle or lower-middle class citizens, but more to middle-upper class citizens.

Hence, the designs are beautifully unique; however, the market segment of the product gravitates predominantly towards tall and fairly large people along with the price being possibly too high for Tupac's "ghetto children." By producing smaller sizes, lowering the price, and giving some of the designs a mellow yet modest tone will not only diversify the product, but will ultimately generate higher revenues in the company’s income statement. Most importantly, it will create "consistency" in Tupac's paradoxical personality in complexity and professional "thug-like" stature.
"Aeh homie, that fool is wear'n 'makaveli branded' dog, that ni**a think he's thugin but he's about to get sprayed with mah nina ross - who's thuggin now pahtna, break yo-self!"
by Former Brook Thug June 01, 2005
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a clothing line that afeni shakur(mother of Tupac Shakur) made seven years after his death in rememberance. the designs of the clothes are tight.
yo i jus went down to Top notch in central and bought me a makaveli branded sweatsuit, it was $135.99.
by david price A.K.A Da Whiteboy January 15, 2005
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