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Majira Strawberry is a strawberry fox who loves strawberrries and hates cherries. He has a floofy tail and hates sidewalks. Too many shoe laces and he's out. His best bro is none other than Fjord Frost. He has a 1.0 (scary), a 2:0 (the best so far), and a 3.0 (eh mixed emotions, but mostly depressed about it). He eats too much chicken and drank too much waffles. "Hey guys it's Majira welcome to another video!" Majira means summer in Swahili or something. Also forgot to mention he's a furry. he also has a life threatening fear of room fans so summer (or should I say majira ) is scary so that's why he used his college funds on AC.
#Majira Strawberry for president 2020
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by Eloquence the Wolf August 04, 2018
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Majira strawberry is a furry YouTuber named Majira, Majira also means summer in Swahili! (Majira is also very cringey according to him)
by RippleTheWolf January 07, 2018
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A nice strawberry who is a fox and is a furry. He is pretty annoying and scary. He is also the furry with the tide pods.
Man 1:Hey man have you seen majira strawberry's new video

Man 2:Shut up furfag
by Raveioli January 06, 2018
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