majin boo is the best and the best and **** you dude
i heat the **** off you dude
by zenaku September 18, 2003
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“Yo I just had a majin but last night. Shit was so good
by Hitler the great June 13, 2020
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A derogatory ethnic slur about jewish people
"He pulled a majin and baked himself"
by Propower May 13, 2019
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An ancient pwnian. Ancestor of 1337 language and technology
by Bob Smith June 8, 2004
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if I remember this I believe there is like porn go goten (majin) and maybe videl but if you search it up you won't really find it cause mostly it just fanfic (normal) of goten becoming majin but yeah nothing to special
majin goten
by YAY_fucktheinternet December 12, 2021
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jazmynes husband the funniest sexiest 5’10 dread had he can have my gf I love him sm he so cute i want to suck his toes and his gf jazmyne she so fine with her big head ass
by _.majin May 15, 2021
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