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A sexual act consisting of allowing Ryan Simpson to oil up your body and striking you violently with his penis.

The Majestic Seabass is a sexual maneuver performed originally by Ryan Simpson. However, it has been widely recognized by popular trend to still currently only be performed by Ryan Simpson. A Majestic Seabass must always be capitalized by written text because it is a proper name for Ryan Simpson's genatalia. To render the letters lower-case is a vile act of degradation to Ryan Simpson's cock. The Majestic Seabass is an act of gratification and pleasure only given to the performer and not the receiver. Receivers of the Majestic Seabass may end up smelling like fish because of the popularly recognized rumor that Ryan Simpson's penis smells like fish - and arguably: Seabass. With a penis that smells like Seabass and a name like 'Majestic Seabass', how can one go wrong?
Adelle: Oh, well, hello. What brings you to my bedroom at such a quaint time?

Joseph: Oh, nothing, my dear. Fancy meeting you here.

Adelle: Your sentiments have been reciprocated dear friend. Would you mind majestically seabassing me all over?

Joseph: You have tarnished the good name of the Majestic Seabass by speaking it in lower case! May the power of Majestic Seabass compel you!! *buffets Adelle with penis after oiling her up*
Now, would you like a sloppy falafel?
by Ralphyy Ashinn November 08, 2010
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