The most beautiful gal you will ever meet. If you know a Maisie, you should hang out with her. She loves dancing and is a beautiful singer.
Maisie is the most kind person EVER!
by Darko369 May 20, 2020
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a girl who looks good in her own way but comes with issues.
She is funny and will fill with joy whilst also making you feel threatend like a jojos character
She may also attract the british species of nonce

But you can always get rid of them
Boy 1-The new girl is funny af and she looks good

Girl 1-She must be a maisie
by Skezzy212 November 22, 2019
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A girl with distinctively pink hair and colourful clothes who seems confident but is secretly very worried about everything. Also all the boys fall for her and she doesn't understand physics
Maisie sat on the train wrong this morning and banged her head against the door
by ThisWasTooMuchEffortForAJoke October 07, 2019
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A girl who tries to do the right thing but ends up fucking up her friendships and relationships. Always tries to have as many friends as she can. Also tries to be always happy and have positive energy but deep down hates you.
Guy: “That girl was so sweet and I think she wants to hang out after school
Guy 2: “Shes like that to everyone so don’t feel special, shes definitely named Maisie”
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by ImNotWrongAndYouKnowIt November 07, 2019
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Maisie is usually a girl with dark brown hair but likes to get it dyed, she's quite tall and looks older than her actual age. She prefers chicken. She doesn't like people who call her boring but actually deep down she is. Her eye colour varies, one day it will look like poo and one day it will look like snot. Maisie doesn't have a lot of friends, she thinks its better to keep your circle small so there is less beef. But this isn't helpful at family events when Maisie likes to look popular so she constantly snaps her only 2 friends. Most Maisie's are very beautiful and sweet, but its a shame because they like sleep more than you. Also some Maisie's can be very weird and nugget-like. To annoy them: air them, buy them mayo, call them Macy or say that she is dating someone called Charles.
me: oh look theres macy

maisie: its maissssieee you nonce #
me: shut up you neek

maisie: *googles what a neek is*
by Jeff32145 May 29, 2019
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Maisie is a gay dog. She smells of fish. Her nickname is boo. Her nick name was given by her best friend Robyn. They are both little slags.
Omg ur friend with Maisie ?? I’m jealous
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by Fatdukcieieie June 24, 2019
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A fucking bitch who is an absolute bully. She harasses boys, and won't tke no for an answer. She's really ugly but no-oe would be her friend even if she were a cover modle
Eliott: Maisie can go die in a hole for all I care.
Katie: She gave someone anxiety and made their OCD like 10x worse.
Eliott: At least El has good friend to help her now!
by October 17, 2019
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