A term used to refer to spending a whole night spooning with someone.

Also used;
"let's just say we Maisie'd all night long, and it was great!"
by MaisieVomitsRainbows April 23, 2008
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a girl who looks good in her own way but comes with issues.
She is funny and will fill with joy whilst also making you feel threatend like a jojos character
She may also attract the british species of nonce

But you can always get rid of them
Boy 1-The new girl is funny af and she looks good

Girl 1-She must be a maisie
by Skezzy212 November 22, 2019
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Maisie is such a sweet and kind girl. She always manages to avoid drama by being calm. She is also an athletic girl. She has so many boys chasing her but on has her eyes on 1. She will always find a way to make you laugh.
She is very kind , what’s her name?

Maisie I think
by a l i s h a May 10, 2020
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Maisie- Maisie is actually called Maicie but denies it. Maisie is a big loser and has a big obsession over short boys.

by Maisies fave hoe ✌️🔫✨ October 20, 2020
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Maisie’s are a sweet, caring, hilarious kind of girl they are great to laugh with and if you need help then go to maisie. They are often very sporty and like team sports like field hockey. but don’t get on the wrong side of Maisie She has good comebacks and never thinks she is wrong. Maisie’s are often worried about boys and what they think but one day they will find the perfect guy.
girl- maisie is so funny

girl 2- I know!!
by Kyingvvbbhfcvgtf July 09, 2019
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a type of manicure where it is a rainbow from thumb to pinky, but each nail has two colors on it, the color it should be then the color to the left of it
The Maisie:

Right Hand Thumb: *red/yellow

First Finger: yellow/green

Middle Finger: green/blue

Ring Finger: blue/purple
Pinky: purple/red

*the color listed first should be on the side of the nail facing outwards from the thumb
by je_m'appelle July 21, 2009
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Stupid Texan Squirrel

Favorite food: Nuts!!!

Breeding habits: all year round 24/7

Personality: This squirrel loves nuts more than any other squirrel. It is also much stupider than the red or grey squirrels and always gets eaten. Breeds constantly.
Oh look, A Maisie is humping my foot!
by Dunks the donut October 17, 2010
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