A Beautiful woman inside and out. Great since of humor. Amazing hair, tall, and not to mention magnificent boobs!
IAN: "did u see that girl I think I have a crush."
Anthony: "really, cool you should go for her."
IAN: "you think I have a chance I mean her name has to be Maisie dude."

#I love you Maisie!!!
by Enderkiller25 August 06, 2017
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A lovable blond girl. Who's usually the following things:

A great girlfriend
Animal Lover
She's such a Maisie! I just want to hug her!
by Ladybug Mistress March 29, 2008
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A young girl who is a beautiful girl .She likes tik tok ,she is a tall girl and enjoys singing acting and dancing !
Girl-MAISIE is so talented!
by Lovedogs2019 July 24, 2019
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A absolutely mental girl who is in love with unicorns. She would be the first person to cry in any situation but she is usually very hyper. On the inside she is probably rainbow colored as she is so addicted to them. She also fancies Connors.
Hey look that girl is really excited but last lesson she was crying, it must be must a Maisie and Connor must of just been next to her!
by mooksnook October 13, 2014
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Maisie is a girl with massive chaotic energy. Is probably a massive fangirl over a singular fandom e.g IT. Or a massive fan girl over multiple fandoms. Is likely a chaotic bisexual. Usually nice unless you cross her then she will scrap you. She will do anything for her friends and enjoys meeting new people. She is not sporty at all and plays roblox and minecraft religiously. She is very creative and likely wants too do something too do with art or theatre or acting when they grow up. They are very bad at science even though they enjoy the experiments. She is very good at bottling up her feelings and will end up breaking down in chemistry. Likely has mini sprays in sweet smells, not flowery as she hates flowery scents, or something a tad more rustic. She changes her style regularly but will stay in the range of bisexual energy with a bit of casual punk mixed in. She likely doesn’t have a favourite colour and is a respectable person too be around. She doesn’t judge you and usually isn’t a bitch or a slag but if tea needs spilling She will spill it. She dabbles in cosplay and is quite the odd character and doesn’t fit into the social norm boxes. She usually doesn’t have anyone falling for her but will be asked out every once in a while, she usually is the one who asks people out. She is a pretty girl who doesn’t need makeup however does it for fun. She is an all around nice person who will grow up too do great things.
Hey look it’s Maisie!

Hey it’s Maisie she looks great today!
by Worm Overlord December 15, 2019
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Maisie is an annoying dumbass bitch who’s boyfriend is Murray and she wants to kiss him lots

She’s stoopid and disabled and also vv tall
she’s also vvv pretty and she loves musical theatre

nicknames include (but are not limited to): Retardation, Maisiemoo, Murray’s gf, MaSAY

if you see this Maisie, hello


Katie 💋
Me: Hey maSAY
Maisie: Shutup kayTAY
by Not_a_thot October 15, 2020
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A term used to refer to spending a whole night spooning with someone.

Also used;
"let's just say we Maisie'd all night long, and it was great!"
by MaisieVomitsRainbows April 23, 2008
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