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Really kind girl. Sometimes to kind to be able to do the right thing. Maisie always cares for her friends and knows how to cheer them up and make them laugh. She is an amazing and pretty girl. If you meet a Maisie she will probably make you day, you just need to give her the time.
Person one - Maisie is one of my favourite people!
Person two - I'm not suprised!
by CookieMonster_21 July 30, 2018
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Maisie a beautiful girl who has all the boys falling for her, she has crushes but doesn't like to admit and is always laughing. She sticks up for what she believes in and is prepared to fight. Very slim and also very intelligent with a good pride. She loves to make new friends and is quite confident/outgoing. People tend to judge this book by its cover so they usually don't approach "Maisie's" However she always sees someone she know she in public as she is a social butterfly.
Isn't she lovely, she's such a Maisie!
by Maryanne245 December 29, 2016
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Maisie is normally a kind girl who loves to know that everyone is okay.She desires her parents and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her😘.She normally has loads of boys around her but nothing more than friends.She is a very loyal best friend and girlfriend.
She normally gets everything she wants because she’s a goody two shoes most of the time but if you get her really angry then she’ll rip yah head off.
Joe:Whose that over there she’s gorgeous??
Paul:It’s Maisie isn’t she lush x💓
by CookieDough234 April 13, 2019
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a girl that is super beautiful!! has the best personality and can make you laugh whenever! she won't hesitate to get something off her mine. plus she is never shy and can always make someone jealous.
"wow, maisie can do whatever"

person a "ya i wish that was me"
by gigi conrad February 26, 2017
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Maisie's are funny,awesome and loving people! Everyone needs to be like Maisie!
Hey Maisie!
What is 3X3?
by Coolcal14 March 14, 2017
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One of the funniest, loveliest and most unique people you know. Someone with an incredible sense of humor and knows how to make you smile. Someone you can always rely on. Beautiful inside and out.
*Everyone laughs*
Person A: Who told that joke?
Person B: Got to have been Maisie
Person A: Of course!
by Laurenosaurus November 01, 2011
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Although sometimes unpredictable maisie is the most trustworthy friend you could ever have. You could go to her with any secret and tell her ANYTHING without fear of any judgement. Maisie is such a beautiful woman but doesn't know it, she acts confident and outgoing but really she doubts herself more than you could know BUT she doubts with no reason, she is the strongest person you will ever have the pleasure to meet and will be without a doubt the funniest person in you life. She carries such a presence that the room lights up when she walks in and the world seems so much brighter when she blesses us with a smile. She deserves more than anything to be happy and it is your duty as her friend to make sure that such a precious person gets the joy she deserves. She has no idea how valuable she is so you need to remind her every second of everyday. Her eyes are are a gorgeous emerald green that will brighten up your life when they sparkle. Treasure the maisies in your life because they are rare and only come around once in a lifetime
emily: mai are you alright
maisie: yeah I'm okay
harramal: you sure maudlyn
maisie: yeah rummal I'm okay, how about you Darlene??
by bigxunit November 26, 2018
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