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When a child in the family looks nothing like the father or siblings.
It implies that the mail-man is really the father of that child.
the mother is blonde and green eyed, the father is brunette and brown eyed, child 1 is brunette and green eyed, child 2 is blonde and brown eyed; however, little Bobby is a ginger.

People would say he has "mailman syndrome" or call the situation in general "mail-man syndrome"

It would be especially appropriate if the mail man was also a ginger.
by Your Mail Man January 18, 2010
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The condition in which the man a person believes to be their father is not their biological parent.
“John is 6’4, blonde with blue eyes while his dad is 5’5, black hair, and brown eyes; total Mailman syndrome.”
by Osiris Black August 24, 2009
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