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Of Hungarian decent, Eastern-Europeans who are sweet-natured people, Catholic, have style and can entertain company with great food. Well-known for Paprika and Classical music. Makers of Brandy and Wine.

Ranging from German-esk blonde/blue eyed appearance to Italian-esk Dark complexion/brwn eyed.
You know you're in a Magyar-house when you are entertained, well fed and have a drink in hand.
by Veva December 09, 2003
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An ancient group of barbarians that originated from the Ural Mountains in Russia. Along with the Huns, they were the most badass of their kind, eating people alive and burning down village after village without batting an eye, far more intimidating than other barbarians, such as the Goths or Anglo-Saxons. After their ravaging in the ruins of the late Roman Empire, they eventually settled in what is now Hungary. In fact, the Hungarian word for Hungary is Magyarország, and modern-day Hungarians and their language can be called Magyar respectively. The word Hungary comes from Hun and Magyar. If you're Hungarian, you can brag that your ancestors were war-hungry badasses who singlehandedly destroyed what was once the greatest and most dominant power in the world.
My friend is Hungarian, therefore he can also be called a Magyar. His ancestors were Magyars, and some were even Huns. I can call him a Magyar without offending anyone. Magyar is not a slang or offensive term.
by Practical Problems December 28, 2014
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Hungarians, who live in Huhgary and speak in this language, they can live in Romania (Transylvania, Slovakia (Felvidék), Ucraina (Kárpátalja), Yougoslavia (Vajdaság), and other placeis, teritories of the Great Hungary from 1918.
magyar fiu= hungarían boy
by Józsa János August 02, 2005
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A Finnic language spoken in central Europe (mostly in The Republic of Hungary) by about 15 million speakers.

The fact that Magyar is classified as Finnic is due to its use of vowel harmony, the tendency to string words together and the overall similarities to other Finnic languages such as Finnish (Suomi), Estonian (Eesti), and Võro (Võro).

Magyar is known to contain some very long words made up of many suffixes such as, "Legeslegmegszentségtelenítethetetlenebbeiteknek"
meaning roughly "For those of you who it was the very least possible to have defiled".

Magyar may also be used as an adjective used in reference to someone of Hungarian ethnicity.
There's a magyar deli downtown.

Istok speaks magyar quite fluently.
by bauB July 10, 2008
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A patheticly small penis with an unproportioned head. Usually skinny and short. The head is atleast twice the size of the main shaft, and leans far to the right or the left.
She laughed at me when, I pulled down my pants, and said I had a Magyar.
by HellfireAissthyle April 24, 2009
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